PHP/MySQL for Your School’s Website

In this article posted on Techlearning’s eZine, the author provides a nice list of ways that using the popular server-side scripting and database combination can do some great things on your school’s website, such as create a podcast library, an alumni database, allow student publishing of work, or an easy method for teachers to update their class pages. While the school’s technology administrator will likely have a learning curve to get familiarized with the new technology in the end it will create an environment that is much friendlier for students, teachers, and staff. Although some administration will be added, time to update the site will be greatly reduced. W3Schools provides a PHP Tutorial, and a MySQL Tutorial to get you started.

TeacherJay has seen a number of school of websites that looks like they were put up in the late-90s and have barely received a touch-up since. No school technology coordinator has the time to update all the individual pages that a school may have and in a time when teachers are becoming more and more web-savvy themselves there is no need to. Utilizing PHP/MySQL in a school’s website could boost its functionality and allow teachers to do a lot of the updating themselves freeing up the IT staff to do other things.


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