What is RSS?

TeacherJay was going to write a post on this, but Iain Magee has already on a very nice job of explaining this concept for the casual reader. Long gone are the days when checking for new content meant typing in that URL again and trying to figure out if you had read the latest post or not. Today we can “subscribe” to a lot of sites, especially news sites and blogs, to get the latest content. TeacherJay is an avid reader of many different RSS Feeds. Some browsers have integrated feed readers, or you can use an aggregator such as Google Reader, or Bloglines. So happy reading, and don’t forget to subscribe to this blog, too!

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2 Responses to “What is RSS?”

  1. James M. Helms Says:

    Good find, I think alot of people will benefit from your link. I wrote a similar blog on my own findings awhile back. It may be aimed at a less tech savvy crowd. I would appreciate your insight. View the post View my RSS post here.

  2. RSS in Plain English « TeacherJay Says:

    […] is a big fan of Really Simple Syndication and the eXtensible Markup Language. He has tried to explain these technologies using plain English, but he is surely no expert in that. However, the guys over at The Common Craft […]

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