Have you ever wanted to put your skills to use to help people in a developing nation? Most of us probably have at some point in our lives, but something stopped us… maybe it was distance, time, money, or just not knowing where or how to help. Well, Siegfried Woldhek, former CEO of the World Wildlife Foundation, and may just have a solution for you. Here is Woldhek, explaining why he started Nabuur:

By forming partnerships with people from all over the world the goal is to help small villages with projects that may be outside of their abilities, experience, or training. Projects are put up on the site and divided into smaller tasks. Once a user joins the site, s/he can sign up to take responsibility for a task that should take 2-8 hours to complete. Villages are mostly in Africa and Asia though there are a few in the Americas as well. Projects are in areas such as Community Development, Sustainable Agriculture and Education. Tasks are in areas such as Engineering, Translation, and even Marketing, PR and Sales.

TeacherJay believes strongly that everyone deserves equal access to education and wants to do his part in making that dream come true. He has already joined the site and is looking forward to lending some of his time to projects. He encourages his readers to do the same.

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