Spellings Test

While searching for some funny clips of politicians, TeacherJay found something a bit unexpected… to date, the only (active) member of the Bush administration to appear on Comedy Central’s Daily Show with Jon Stewart was Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings, on May 22, 2007 (Wikipedia). Although she is one of the evil architects authors of the No Child Left Behind Act, TeacherJay was interested in the interview and in today’s post gives his reactions to the clip.

WordPress doesn’t allow TeacherJay to embed the video properly, so you will have to make do with this link that opens in a new window:

Margaret Spellings on the Daily Show

(you may need to disable any popup blockers)

Spellings showed a lighter side, chuckling at some of Stewart’s joke and did not do too much talking about NCLB. She mentioned several times that there is a gap between what is being taught in schools and what is needed in the workplace, and also that minority sounds have a dismally low high school graduation rate. No doubt, the best thing she said was that the largest problem with education today is “low expectations”. Unfortunately, she seems to think that higher accountability would improve the situation. The worst thing (which was awful) she did was to essentially tell the world that the disintegration of curriculum is necessary in order to get kids to read.

For TeacherJay, Spellings’ performance did not really get into the meat of the issues, but it was nice to see an appointed official have some fun and express some true opinions. Although TeacherJay has a professional issue with Spellings regarding NCLB, and a more personal one regarding the status of his student loans, he has still chosen to give her a gold star, just for appearing on the show.


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