Zamzar is able to convert documents for you quickly and easily.With all of the different file formats that are out there, it often happens that you will run across a file that is incompatible with your software. This is especially true when others are not conscientious of what file formats they are using. Unfortunately, in Microsoft’s attempts to dominate everything related to computing they have aggravated the situation by changing their familiar DOC document format to the new DOCX format that is native in Office 2007. It is not backwards-compatible, meaning older versions of Office cannot open the new format. Although he tries to teach them, sometimes students do not pay attention to the file formats and documents cannot be read on certain computers. Although Microsoft offers a free converter – this is only useful if you are using MS Office, and will do nothing for other applications such as GoogleDocs or OpenOffice. Zamzar can help you out of a jam by converting the file for you and then e-mailing you a link to download. The service is fast, easy to use, and they work with lots of different formats.


2 Responses to “Zamzar”

  1. bryan Says:

    wow. cool application. I have run into this problem already.though i rarely use microsoft products other than windows. Thanks for the tip.

  2. Tracy Rosen Says:

    I’m bookmarking the site. I run linux and use Open Office. I can imagine that it’s not too compatible with docx… 🙂


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