Safety Text Message

This afternoon a student entered the Queens campus of St. John’s University in New York City with a rifle in his bag. In order to alert staff, faculty and students of the dangerous situation campus officials used text messages. Inspired by the events at Virginia Tech this past Spring, the school implemented the program just this month. TeacherJay wanted to recognize the efforts of the institution for their progressive thinking and putting a common technology to a good use… and for that they receive a gold star.


2 Responses to “Safety Text Message”

  1. Shirley Says:

    Excellent response that seemed to safeguard both students and faculty.

  2. Tracy Rosen Says:

    I had not heard of that! I agree with you and Shirley – the response was a good one and used our day-to-day tech in a way that makes sense. I hope that more institutions, municipalities, families, etc… follow in their footsteps.

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