Educational Websites

Hello all – listed on this page are a series of different educational websites that have been screened by, and recommended by TeacherJay.  Happy surfing!

  • The Presidential Timeline of the 20th Century – interactive timelines of the lives and administrations of US Presidents Hoover through Clinton
  • SAT Math Practice – gives some practice opportunities and teaches basic strategies to help students decode math word problems on the Scholastic Aptitude Test
  • Vietnam: 30 Years Beyond War – three photo-journals showing the changes that have occurred in the country following the devastating war; can help students to gain perspective on what the country is like now
  • What the World Eats, Part I – photojournal from the book, Hungry Planet, depicting what’s on dinner tables in 15 different homes around the world – illustrates the disparity between rich and poor and also cultural differences that affect diet
  • World War II Remembered – reflections of the second world war from Americans who fought in it; this site was also produced by a school and could serve as an example of what your students could do

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