Jeff Bezos, Founder & CEO of, is debuting their newest product, the Kindle, a small paperback-sized electronic book reader. Could this device be the improvement to the book? Even Bezos comments that the book is elegant and ponders if it is even possible to improve upon it. In today’s post, TeacherJay takes a look at the development of eBook readers and has a few words for the practical use of the devices. Read the rest of this entry »



Thanks to Thane over at Technology on a Shoestring, TeacherJay learned about this neat little tool. Having been a big fan of graphic organizers and mind maps for years, TeacherJay had long been interested in finding an application that was easy to use, multi-platform and free. Today’s post takes a quick review of this new site and suggests some potential uses for it in education. Read the rest of this entry »

WikiProject Classroom Coordination

Wikipedia Globe

TeacherJay has long been fascinated with the experiment that is Wikipedia (see previous post). It is still surprising to him that users all over the world have come together to create a body of knowledge that is responsible when it comes to copyrighted information and accurate, insofar as references and citations are included to verify information. In his daily wandering of Wikipedia (he loves that Random Article link), TeacherJay came across the WikiProject Classroom Coordination page and also information on School and University Projects. These two projects are aimed at encouraging teachers to use Wikipedia not as a research tool, but as an authoring tool by creating lesson plans for students to learn how to contribute to the Wikipedia community. Students can research topics and help to revise articles – this could provide them with much-needed support that their work is actually meaningful and will be used by others, as well as instill in them a responsibility in their work.

It’s Free… Or At Least Free to Me, So What’s Wrong With P2P?, Part 1 (Legality)

Millions of people are using file sharing programs for all sorts of reasons… most of them illegal, such as the downloading of music files in the form of MP3’s or even entire software applications. Today’s post introduces the topic of what peer-to-peer programs are all about, and some of the legal issues surrounding them, for software publishers, users and school networks. Read the rest of this entry »

Mayatan School

TeacherJay has not posted for about 10 days and he must apologize to his diligent readers. He was on an annual working vacation in the small town of Copán Ruinas, Honduras. Although there was internet access, he was just too busy to sit down and write. On a hillside just outside of town there are some wonderful things happening at the Mayatan School. There will be much more about this school in the future… along with a new website ;-).

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Safety Text Message

This afternoon a student entered the Queens campus of St. John’s University in New York City with a rifle in his bag. In order to alert staff, faculty and students of the dangerous situation campus officials used text messages. Inspired by the events at Virginia Tech this past Spring, the school implemented the program just this month. TeacherJay wanted to recognize the efforts of the institution for their progressive thinking and putting a common technology to a good use… and for that they receive a gold star.


Zamzar is able to convert documents for you quickly and easily. Read the rest of this entry »