Mayatan School

TeacherJay has not posted for about 10 days and he must apologize to his diligent readers. He was on an annual working vacation in the small town of Copán Ruinas, Honduras. Although there was internet access, he was just too busy to sit down and write. On a hillside just outside of town there are some wonderful things happening at the Mayatan School. There will be much more about this school in the future… along with a new website ;-).

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As an update to a previous post, TeacherJay wanted to take a moment to point out Thursday’s NY Times article in which Secretary of Education, Margaret Spellings seems less than enthusiastic about the drafts of the re-authorization of the No Child Left Behind Act being passed around in the House of Representatives. Ms. Spellings is quite a fan of “increased accountability”. TeacherJay still thinks it is a bad idea to punish, or penalize, schools for not making “sufficient progress” when that progress is ill-defined in the first place. Today’s post looks briefly at how the head of all education systems in the country might spell disaster for immigrant students. Read the rest of this entry »