Who Is TeacherJay?

On this page, TeacherJay would like to answer a few questions about who he is and why he writes this blog. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to add them to the discussion section at the bottom of the page and they will be incorporated into this page.

How did TeacherJay get his name?

TeacherJay’s real name is Jay A. Babcock. Right after college, he moved to Mexico and began working at a bilingual school there. The students referred to all of their teachers by their first names with the title of Teacher. TeacherJay enjoyed the confirmation of his station in life and kept it even after he left the school. Top

Why does TeacherJay write in the third-person?

The author of this blog chooses to write in the third-person to illustrate that TeacherJay is more of a philosophy, an approach to education and a vision of education, as opposed to using a voice that would be perceived as the personal thoughts of the author. Top

Why does TeacherJay write this blog?

TeacherJay believes that citizens of the world should have equal access to education, and technology may be a way to accomplish that goal. Some of the other issues that TeacherJay supports include: Immigrants’ Rights, Migrant Education, Education of the Marginalized, Bilingual Education, and the standardization of a National Curriculum. Top

Where does TeacherJay teach?, Where has he taught?

TeacherJay has been involved with a variety of different educational settings. Through the years he has experience in suburban, rural and urban public schools at the elementary, middle and high school levels. He has also worked with K-5 and P-12 independent schools in the US, Mexico and Honduras. In addition, he has the opportunity to teach on a Seminole Indian Reservation and also worked with theatres to teach acting skills and direct productions for and with children. For the last few years, he has worked with unemployed adults and college students in the New York City area teaching computer skills, resume writing, presentation skills, etc. Currently, he works as a Technology Coordinator for an academic program at Brooklyn College. Top

Where did TeacherJay go to school?

TeacherJay attended several public schools beginning with the Bradford Academy in Montclair, NJ where “Everybody Teaches, Everybody Learns”. For his high school years he moved to the Canterbury School, a college preparatory school in Fort Myers, FL. TeacherJay began his college career at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, FL as a Religious Studies major, however he soon returned to Fort Myers to pursue a B.A. in Elementary Education from Florida Gulf Coast University. Currently, he is a student in the Educational Technology Leadership Program at the George Washington University of Washington, D.C. TeacherJay’s coursework is completed online which allows him to remain living in New York City. Top

How can I be notified when TeacherJay updates this blog?

There are a number of ways to do this: 1) You could just check the site often – TeacherJay intends to post several times a week; 2) Subscribe to the RSS feed using FeedBurner, by clicking here and adding it to your favorites in Internet Explorer or Firefox, using a feed reader such as Bloglines, Google Reader, or downloading FeedReader; 3) Receive a daily digest of posts as an e-mail, you can sign up by clicking here. Top

What’s with the Gold Stars?

Although many of the posts on this blog may seem to be a bit negative and pointing out many of the problems with education today, TeacherJay likes to remind his readers that there are some positive things happening in the feild and to encourage those who are making changes for the good of all students. In recognition of positive efforts towards improving education, he gives out gold stars. This is more of a novelty item as TeacherJay is actually not a fan of the currency-like motivators that are used in many classrooms – he wrote about this in a post titled Paying for an Education. Gold Stars is a category/tag that is used on the blog, and a table can be found on its own page. Top

What other networks does TeacherJay belong to?

TeacherJay has profiles on Technorati, MyBlogLog, BlogFlux, and BlogCatalog as well as making comments on many education-related and technology-related blogs in the blogosphere. Top

How can I contact TeacherJay?

If you would like to discuss matters on the blog with TeacherJay please respond to a posting with a comment and he will respond in the same way so other readers can join in as well. If you would prefer you can e-mail him at teacherjayblog@gmail.com. You can also IM him using the Meebo Room on the site, GoogleTalk: TeacherJayBlog, and AIM: TeacherJayBlog. Top

This page last updated on: September 5, 2007

2 Responses to “Who Is TeacherJay?”

  1. Ohgreatone Says:

    This is an excellent site. Thank you for sharing yourself with the rest of us.

  2. bomberoking Says:

    Mabuhay teacherjay!
    I too am a teacher here in the philippines.
    keep it up!

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